Monday, 23 August 2010

Norton Commando Special - Specs

It's taken a while but finally got round to adding a few details about my Commando.

The basic idea was to create a totally stripped down look as much as i like the standard Commando it is a bit messy in places - foot rest assy etc. Wanted to emphasise the engine, so to that end removed side panels, air box battery oil tank etc.

Biggest change is the move to OIF (oil in frame). Most of the oil is contained in the frames main tube with oil capacity being increased back to standard volume by use of a slimline tank that sits just in front of the rear wheel and above the swing arm pivot. Above this tank there is an oil cooler. All frame work designed and executed by myself .

Other major work includes
  • Belt driven alternator (standard setup in my opinion is a joke). Outer primary case is now part original/ part dominator timing case, part hand rolled alloy plate. 
  • Fourth isolastic under gearbox
  • Hydraulic clutch (super light operation with no external mods to gearbox case)
  • Cartridge forks by Maxton (preload and compression damping adjustable)
  • Cartridge oil filter moved from return line to oil feed line in line with modern automotive practice (as done by Kirby Rowbotham on Triumphs)
  • Extensive use of braided hose and proper hose connections (JIC). This includes replacing the somewhat dodgy pushon oil filter connections with threaded fittings etc etc.  Home made crankcase oil union also has threaded JIC fittings. 
Again, other than the Maxton fork conversion, all designed and executed by myself.

Other details include;
  • Norton P11 silencers.
  • Uprated front brake. RGM 12" Floating Disc + Kawasaki 6 Pot Caliper + Buell Master Cylinder + Braided Hose
  • Carbon Fibre Front Mudguard
  • Steve Maney gearbox outrigger bearing.
  • Belt Drive Primary
  • Custom dual seat
  • Bicycle speedo (in original Commando housing)
  • Electronic tacho from Norton F1 Rotary in original Commando housing.
  • Oil pressure gauge
Have a 920 engine under construction but want to prove my chassis / oil system mods with old engine first. One advantage of the fourth ISO mtg below gearbox is that engine can be replaced without bike falling in half

Bike is currently about 90% complete. Just needs wiring, paint and some minor detailing. Only (lack of) time and money delaying getting on road sooner rather than later.

Friday, 6 August 2010

International NOC Rally 2010 - Columbres, Spain

Yes, made it to my second International. (Last one was Blair Atholl in 1998). Unfortunately not on either of my bikes but in the car with the family. Usual story lack of both time and money. More details to follow.